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How Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) Can Help You Meet Your Breastfeeding Goals

I am one fortunate woman! How lucky am I that I have the opportunity to work with moms and babies everyday, hopefully providing one tidbit of information that might make breastfeeding (and motherhood) a little bit easier? This is my job as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC.) Many people wonder what I do all day. Personally, if I had to sum it up succinctly, I would say that I help empower women every day.

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Help a Mama Out: Tips for Talking with your Boss about Pumping

'Help a Mama Out' Topic of the Week: Tips for Talking with Your Boss about Pumping

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Breastfeeding in Public: Setting the Record Straight

For some reason breastfeeding in public is extremely controversial in the United States. It’s like society forgot that the true purpose for breasts was to feed and nourish babies, not flaunt in low-cut dresses. Day after day, my Google alert shares another story of a controversial nursing in public incident… who knew I would be blind-sided by a story that took place in my OWN CITY???

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Help a Mama Out: Tips for Breastfeeding the Distracted Baby

I'm so excited to launch a brand new series on the San Diego Breastfeeding Center blog! It's called: Help a Mama Out! Over the past few months I have been posting readers' questions on our Facebook page and have been blown away by the fantastic advice and support you have shared. The downfall with Facebook, though, is that eventually the terrific advice will work its way down the wall and succumb into Facebook oblivion, never to be found again.

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My Blogging Interview with Birth Swell

This week I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Jeanette McCulloch, co-owner of Birth Swell. Birth Swell is one of those amazing birth and breastfeeding online resources that promotes creating positive change for maternal/infant health through social media and collaboration. They truly rock! Here's a sneak preview of my presentation, where I will discuss why I LOVE to blog about breastfeeding and how I hope to convince many of my colleagues to start blogging along with me!

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