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What Advice Do You Wish You Had Heard Before You Started Breastfeeding?

My Top 5 Pieces of Advice Every Woman Should Have Before She Breastfeeds:

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Tips for Mothers Who Exclusively Pump

Whether exclusive pumping is a decision or a necessity due to surrounding circumstances, there are several things you can do to make your efforts more successful.

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When It's Time to Find a New Lactation Consultant

Recently, I have noticed many conversations online where breastfeeding mothers have expressed feelings of despair and frustration that their needs were not met while working with a lactation consultant. In fact, this isn't just happening online, but also in my community as well.

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My Attempt to Trust My Milk Supply 

Today, on the San Diego Breastfeeding Center blog, I'm honored to share Krystyn Brintle's memoir about her battle with Insufficient Glandular Tissue. If you would like to submit your story as well, please email me at Thank you so much, Krystyn, for sharing your story with us! Your story is truly inspirational!

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A Farewell to Na-Na: When It's Time to Wean

My youngest is weaning. Most people assume she has long since stopped nursing, since she goes to preschool, eats everything, and has sleepovers with the grandparents. She still usually nurses at bedtime, but sometimes forgets to ask. Occasionally she'll drift off, and then bolt up, announcing "bedtime nana!" She seems to be on roughly the same timetable as her older brother and sister, so I suspect she'll forget more and more often, and be weaned altogether in a few months.

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